Welcome to perfect health, your divine birthright to feel energised, relaxed and more alive each day.

Prana is Sanskrit for 'vital life energy' and Deep means light. With PranaDeep you are on the first step of a journey which will unfold within yourself. Unfurl your true potential today and reconnect you to YOU!

  • Learn how to tune into and integrate ancient healing wisdom of the East.
  • Develop your own timeless tools to nurture, restore and balance your health.
  • Allow yourself to go deeply into the 'now' and experience the sacredness of life.
  • Experience more joy and fulfilment in your life.

Through the practices of Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga, deep breathing and meditation techniques are used to connect to the mind and slow it down, so deepening the benefits of relaxation.

In Pranayama we remain seated whilst working through a series of powerful breathing exercises, leading to the nectar of meditation. Kundalini Yoga incorporates a set of energising exercises known as kriyas, an active meditation and some mantras to awaken the powerhouse of energy within ourselves so it can be re-directed to the focal point of our meditation.

Regular workshops and courses are run throughout the year. Check the newsletter for the latest news and programme of events. One to One and group sessions available on request

PranaDeep also embraces the ancient traditions of Ayurveda by supporting Swami RamDevji's mission throughout India, known as Patanjali Yogpeeth. At the headquarters in Haridwar, botanical herbs are ethically and authentically grown to produce some wonderful ayurvedic herbal products, available through PranaDeep.

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Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.   - Grace Hansen