• Pranayama Techniques and Meditation Talks

    Learn how working with your breath can get you in the best mind as well as body shape ever. Unlock the key required to maintain, recover or revitilise your health using your own ultimate medicine, your vital life force or prana. Find out why it is so important to deep breathe to get the very most from being alive and what the benefits are to meditation.

  • Pranayama Techniques and Meditation open class

    Experience working with your greatest teacher, your breath. This class is for you to develop your own toolbox to keep you in perfect health. Surrender to the pure, divine aspect of yourself, as we use the breath to energise the body and return to the wholeness and peacefulness of our centre. This hour long class concludes with a meditation.

    The aim of the class is for you to learn the Pranayama techniques correctly and then practice in the comfort of your own home, to optimise the benefits. This may take one or more classes initially to master the exercises, depending on the individual.

  • Kundalini Yoga The Yoga of Awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan

    Regular classes running throughout the year. The groups will be small with a maximum of six per class.
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Many of you have asked about the music I play during my Pranayama sessions


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Surrendering into the unknown takes us deep into the moment. Go deep into the now with every breath. It is in the present that we experience the sacredness of life.