Pranayama Weekend Retreats in Mallorca

May & October 2020 (non-residential)

Join me on the magical island of Mallorca for 3 mornings of intensive tuition beginning before sunrise to welcome the dawning of a new day. Choose either 

Blissful Beachfront - Palma     OR

Majestic Mountains - Deia

Learning the techniques of Pranayama each day to help:

  • Combat daily stress and anxiety
  • Greater relaxation and better sleep
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Improve brain health 
  • Strengthen the immune system 
  • Regulate blood pressure and improve circulation
  • Freedom from negative mental conditions such as addictions and depression

Suitable for all, no experience necessary.  Small groups, early booking recommended.

Early Bird before 16th February £330    After £440

Book Here - Blissful Beachfront     Majestic Mountains

email [email protected]   phone 07889 497421